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The dedication to the production of great wines starts in the vineyard and continues in the wine cellar. Here, thanks to the activity of the oenologist and the attention of the wine cellar staff, wines are vinified and treated following every phase with care and passion.

The valuable wine cellar team, with Vittorio Dell’Uomo, an untiring worker and faithful collaborator for years, Piero De Nardis and Francesco Cotichini, assures, thanks to a careful job, that all the parameters of the production process, in all the phases which take place in the wine cellar, are thoroughly respected.

Wines are produced with a careful selection of yeasts and by means of the application of the best vinification techniques, first of all the “cooling technique”, which allows the preservation of the quality and the sensorial characteristics of the grapes in all the production phases: from the collection to the arrival in the wine cellar, until the pre-fermentative maceration at low temperature of the grape juice.


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