The laboratory controls the technical part of production, monitoring every phase of the production process with competence and attention to always guarantee an impeccable level of quality.

The laboratory, under the direction of Pietro Violo, winemaker and quality control manager and making use of the skills, in the technical field, of Alessandro Bollino, QC officer and laboratory manager, e Marco Castellani, analyst and laboratory technician, controls the technical part of production, monitors every phase of the production process with skill and attention to guarantee always impeccable quality levels.

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Here are the quality certifications the company has in detail:

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UNI 11020 Company Traceability System, to guarantee the quality of the final product, obtained from the Norwegian DNV, an organization accredited by SINCERT.

Compliance with the BRC (British Retail Consortium) standard, mandatory in Great Britain for retail suppliers. It certifies the perfectly functioning technology of the product received from the reseller.

Application of HACCP, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, i.e. the method of analyzing risks and critical points of the production process: all stages of food and drink processing are analysed, controlling and preventing chemical, physical or biological contamination in the final product. San Marco is one of the few companies to have equipped its laboratories with a heavy metal analyzer capable of verifying the presence of lead and other potentially harmful metals in samples of must or wine being processed, eliminating them immediately.

IFS certificate, International Food Standard, for the production, refinement and packaging of DOC, IGT and table wines, in bottles and in bulk.